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Conference programme

Illustratør:Trude Tjensvold

Venue: OsloMet, all sessions in Building P35

Wednesday 19th June  

12.00 13.00     Registration in the lobby area. Light refreshments. 

13.00 – 13.30     Welcome and greetings

Location: PH330   Chair: Liv Mette Gulbrandsen, OsloMet

  • Nina Waaler, Vice-Rector for Education, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Per Arne Olsen, Vice-Dean for Education, Faculty of Social Sciences, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University
  • Inga Bejer Engh, National Ombudsman for Children

13.30 -14.15       Keynote I: Charlotte Højholt, Professor of Psychology, Roskilde University 

“Children’s communities and everyday life across contexts – analyses of conditions for participation”

14.15 – 14.45       Break

14.45 – 16.15       Session 1

1A Paper-session: Transitions in infants’ and toddlers’ everyday life 

Location: PI546     Chair: Anne Greve, OsloMet   

Toddlers’ transition from home to early childhood education and care – parents’ emerging relationship with teachers. 

Niina Rutanen, University of Jyväskylä, Department of Education; Co-author: Kati Laaksonen 

What is the right time to get rid of diapers? The controversies about the timing of toilet training in France, Norway and Russia 

Victoria Chantseva, University Paris-13 

Pre-verbal children´s participation in a new key 

Eystein Våpenstad, VID 


1B Paper-session: Children and food practices 

Location: PI246     Chair: Oddbjørg Skjær Ulvik, OsloMet   

Childrens’ and teenagers’ food life in low-income families 

Silje Elisabeth Skuland, Oslo Metropolitan University, SIFO 

 Media Socialization of Children on Eating Habits: A Study of How Television Content Nourish their Lives 

Theodore Fernando, The Open University of Sri Lanka; I. L. D. Wijetunge, Thiwankee Wickramasinghe, M. K. Geethani Jeewanthi, H. U. C. Nuwansala 

 Learning resources for vaccinating children against unreliable health claims and uninformed choices. 

Matt Oxman, Oslo Metropolitan University 


1C Paper-session: Self narratives and identities I 

Location: PI451    Chair: Sigrid Østensjø, OsloMet  

Managing Memories: Life story work in the lives of children and young people with care experience. 

Delyth Edwards, Liverpool Hope University 

Loss and resistance in a Sea Sámi community during 75 years of boarding school experience 

Inger Pedersen, Norwegian Centre for Child Research, Dept. of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU 

Material connections: how can children’s stuff help to make sense of care journeys? 

Debbie Watson, University of Bristol 


1D Paper-session: Parents in collaboration with professionals 

Location: PI460    Chair: Sissel Seim, OsloMet  

Parents as educators? Pedagogues’ and Parents’ collaboration about children’s home learning 

Pernille Juhl, Department of People and Technology, Roskilde University; Allan Westerling, Roskilde University 

Parents experiences of collaboration with staff in kindergarten 

Kristin Danielsen Wolf, Oslo Metropolitan University 

Partental care for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within a cultural context in Hanoi, Vietnam

Davina Hang, Family and Social work, Oslo Metropolitan University 


1E Paper-session: Children and physical activity 

Location: PI551   Chair: Bjørg Fallang, OsloMet   

Risk-reducing practices in kindergarten; What is at risk? 

Jorunn Spord Borgen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences; co-authors: Wenche S. Bjorbækmo, UiO/OsloMet; Gro Rugseth, OsloMet  

Children’s physical activity play in Norwegian After-School Programs 

Knut Løndal, OsloMet; Kirsti Riiser, OsloMet 

A description of physical activity among young school-children in Norwegian After-School Programs 

Kirsti Riiser, OsloMet; Anders Lund Haugen, OsloMet; Siv Lund, OsloMet; Knut Løndal, OsloMet 


16.15-16.30: Break 


16.30-18.00: Session 2 

2A Paper-session: Organizing kindergartens 

Location: PI546     Chair: Anne Greve, OsloMet  

Evenings in early childhood education and care: Reformulating institutional culture 

Eija Salonen, University of Jyväskylä; Eija Sevón; Marja-Leena Laakso 

Embodied infants’ transition to daycare: multiple-cases in naturalistic places/spaces in Brazil 

Natalia Meireles Santos Costa, University of São Paulo; Marisa von Dentz, University of São Paulo; Katia de Souza Amorim, University of São Paulo; 


2B Paper-session: Creativity, aesthetics and relationships 

Location: PI246     Chair: Liv Mette Gulbrandsen, OsloMet   

Individual and collective movements and the sensitive space in-between – exploring  

Wenche Bjorbækmo, Oslo Metropolitan University; Guro Anna Wyller Odden, Oslo Metropolitan University 


2C Paper-session: Self narratives and identities II 

Location: PI451   Chair: Ingeborg Marie Helgeland, OsloMet   

Adult children’s autobiographies about growing up with parents with abuse problems 

Anne Werner, Health Services Research Unit, Akershus University Hospital; Marte Feiring, Faculty of Health Sciences, OsloMet  

The concept and meaning of Significant other, when working with children and youth at risk

Ingeborg Marie Helgeland, OsloMet  


2D Paper-session: Bullying in kindergartens and schools  

Location: PI460     Chair: Inger Ulleberg, OsloMet  

Dialogue-meetings as a preventative method against bullying in kindergartens

Ingrid Lund, University of Agder; Co-author: Anne Helgeland

Students experience reporting bullying in school health service

Lisbeth G. Kvarme, OsloMet; Co-authors: Lisbeth Valla, Nina Misvær, OsloMet, Mia Cathrine Myhre, NKVTS, Solveig Holen, Åse Sagatun, RBUP

Poster presentation: Support groups for bullied schoolchildren

Lisbeth G. Kvarme, OsloMet; Co-authors: Berit Sætheren; Liv S. Aabø


2E Paper-session: Children, consumption and marketing 

Location: PI551    Chair: Marte Eriksen, OsloMet

A study of the awareness and experience of university students of online risk: A case study in Singapore 

Ha Thi Thu Huong, Singapore University of Social Sciences; Co-author: Huang yi Jia 

Customized to the child’s best interest? Privacy and marketing on Norwegian children’s social media 

Ardis Storm-Mathisen, Consumption Research Norway, OsloMet; Co-authors: Thea Grav Rosenberg; Kamilla Knutsen Steinnes; Henry Mainsah  

New approach to studying children’s digital everyday life: the Screenshot method and Emoji method 

Thea Grav Rosenberg og Helene Maria Teigen, SIFO/OsloMet  

18.30 – 20.00       Welcome reception at Årstiden, Stensberggata 26-28 OsloMet (reception included in conference fee)


Thursday June 20th 

Location: PH330   Chair: Anne Greve, OsloMet

09.00:                    Performance by musicians from the Early Childhood Education, OsloMet 

09.15-10.00:         Keynote II: Gunn Engelsrud, Professor in Health Sciences, The Norwegian School of Sport Sciences 

                              “Journeys of discovery: ambiguities that arise from children’s embodied being” 

10.00-10.30:          Break


10.30-12.00           Session 3 


3A Paper-session: Methodological challenges in research with children and young people I 

Location: PI546    Chair: Bjørg Fallang, OsloMet 

Ethical issues in practice and researching children`s experiences  

Mona Asbjørnslett, Oslo Metropolitan University 

Researching some children in critical time and context: Methodological and ethical considerations in interviewing unaccompanied asylum seeking children at the Care Centres in Norway 

Emad Al-Rozzi, Oslo Metropolitan University 


3B Paper-session: Children as patients and children as next of kin 

Location: PI246    Chair: Sigrid Østensjø, OsloMet   

“It’s not easy to explain a three-year-old that his dad is going to die” – Health professionals making meaning of children anticipating parental death 

Ingrid Johnsen Hogstad, Molde University College 

Children in Palliative Care (CHIP): an interdisciplinary research collaboration 

Anette Winger, OsloMet; Co-authors: Lisbeth G. Kvarme, Simen A. Steindal, Kirsti Riiser, Anja Lee, Marit Hellebostad, Dag Karterud, Ingrid H. Ravn, Elena Albertini Früh, Nina Misvær, Vibeke Bruun Lorentsen, Anne Kristine R. Myrseth, Sølvi Helseth, Monica Andresen, Kaja Giltvedt, Berit Sæteren, Ruth Tuhus and Heidi Holmen 

Being in control and striving for normalisation: A Norwegian pilot study on parents’ perceptions of hospital-at-home 

Line Aasen, OsloMet; Co-authors: Irene Ponton; Anne-Kari Myrvold Johannessen 


3C Paper-session: Physical environments and children’s participation 

Location: PI451     Chair: Anita Sundnes, OsloMet  

Young people’s participation in urban planning and design through municipality communication with district youth councils 

Taylor Sawyer, University of Glasgow 

Bringing children’s voices in planning and managing open spaces in two urban neighbourhoods in Kathmandu – photovoice methodology 

Apekshya Dhungel, Martin-Luther-University Halle-Wittenberg  


3D Symposium: Children’s participation and child centered practice 

Location: PI460   Chair: Mari Dalen Herland, VID Specialised university  

Margrete Aadnanes, Tor Slettebø and Ellen Syrstad, VID Specialised university

A) Child centring in ht eNorwegian child welfare context

B) An instrumental approach to children’s participation

C) Parents’ experienecs and challenges when children are placed in public care 


12.00-13.00:     Lunch 


13.00-14.30:     Session 4

4A Paper-session: Methodological challenges in research with children and young people II 

Location: PI546      Chair: Sissel Seim, OsloMet   

Children’s photographic voices 

Mari Pettersvold, University of South-Eastern Norway 

Collective ethnography – multiple gazes to the daily living in a kindergarten 

Mari Vuorisalo, University of Jyväskylä. Co-authors: Niina Rutanen, University of Jyväskylä; Raija Raittila University of Jyväskylä 

Producing video observation in an ECEC setting – exploring agency 

Ingvild Kvale Sørenssen, NTNU; Co-authors: Pål Aarsand; Marit Honerød Hoveid  


4B Paper-session: Young people and health 

Location: PI246      Chair: Ellen Syrstad, VID   

Teens’ and caregivers’ perceptions of family functioning: Association with depression of rural teens 

Merita H. Meçe, Clemson University 

Children’s views of how living in a rural community affect their health  

Ellen M. I. Ersfjord, Centre for obesity research, St. Olavs Hospital 

Making health promotion meaningful in the context of children’s everyday lives: insights from a Smokefree Schools Programme 

Hannah Fairbrother, University of Sheffield; Co-author: P. Curtis; A. Kircaldy  


4C Paper-session: Transitions into adulthood: young people with disabilities and care experiences 

Location: PI451      Chair: Wenche Bekken, OsloMet   

Guided towards adulthood: The nature of guidance and participation in collaborations between young people living with impairments and their professional helpers 

Linn Skagestad, Faculty of Health Sciences, OsloMet 

The fragmented gate; transitions for children with physical disabilities into adulthood 

Wenche Bekken, OsloMet 

A discussion on independence versus interdependence in the lives of young adults having left cares 

Jan Storø, OsloMet  


4D Paper-session: Participation: concepts and practices 

Location: PI460      Chair: Oddbjørg Skjær Ulvik, OsloMet 

A dialogical approach to children’s participation rights – theoretical considerations 

Oddbjørg Skjær Ulvik, Oslo Metropolitan University 

Client children and participation – professional perceptions 

Bente Hasle, Volda University College; Co-authors: Betina Haug Olson; Juni Raak Høiseth; Christina Kildal  

A world created by adults for adults: has ‘listening to children’ in legal proceedings become a tick box exercise or a meaningful reality? 

Aisling Parkes, School of Law, University College Cork 


4E Workshop: Investigating parenthood for young teenagers – background, theoretical perspectives and empirical examples  

Location: PI551      Chair: Anita Sundnes, OsloMet  

Agnes Andenæs, University of Oslo; Co-authors: Anne Jansen, UiO; Anita Sundnes, OsloMet; Anja Stanek, SDU  


14.30-15.00: Break 


15.00-16.30 Session 5


5A Workshop: Visual methods in childhood research  

Location: PI546      Chair: Anne Greve, OsloMet 

Alison Clark, UCL Institute of education/OsloMet; Joseph Tobin, University of Georgia; Anne Greve, OsloMet; Marte Eriksen, OsloMet 


5B Paper-session: Childrens communities: theoretical and practical challenges

Location: PI451      Chair: Liv Mette Gulbrandsen, OsloMet   

Social life of children in public care, theoretical and professional challenges

Inger-Lise Negård, VID Specialized University

Researching children’s changing participation and communities in school – children’s perspectives on dealing with contradictory conditions in everyday school life.

Dorte Kousholt, Danish School of Education, Aarhus University


5C Paper-session: Children’s communities: theoretical and practical challenges NB! 15.00-17.00

Location: PI451      Chair: Oddbjørg Skjær Ulvik, OsloMet   


Opportunities and challenges for young people’s collective participation in the Child Welfare Services  

Merete Tunestveit, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences; Co-authors: Berit Marie Njøs, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences; Sissel Seim, Oslo Metropolitan University

Children and young people in participatory multi-agency models of early intervention in child welfare services in the UK

Steven Lucas, Liverpool Hope University

Challenges of participation for children in low-income families in contact with the welfare services

Tone Jørgensen and Berit Marie Njøs, Western Norway University of Applied Sciences

Foster children and young people’s views of the family

Judith Ye, University of Valladolid


5D Symposium: Children with two homes: Professional interactions with families in divorce  

Location: PI551      Chair: Kari Sjøhelle Jevne, OsloMet  

High conflict divorce families meeting the child welfare service – professional practice and child participation

Kari Sjøhelle Jevne, Oslo Metropolitan University

«What is mediation?» (Ola, 10 years)

Trine Eikrem, University of Oslo; Co-author: Agnes Andenæs


MOVED TO LUNCHTIME.  Poster presentations

First floor, poster area.

Early intervention in kindergarten for children at risk

Charlotte U. Johannessen, OsloMet


19.00: Dinner at VIPPA Oslo (voluntarily, not included in conference fee). Further information: www.vippa.no

Joint walk to Vippa from conference venue at 18.00. Walk past Oslo Town Hall and the harbour area.


Friday June 21th 

Location: PH330   Chair: Wenche Bekken, OsloMet

09.00-09.45:     Keynote III: Joseph Tobin, Professor of Early Childhood Education, The University of Georgia 

“How Practitioners Change with Experience: Findings from a study of ECEC Practitioners in Three Countries.” 

09.45-10.00       Break


10.00-11.00       Session 6 


6A Paper-session: Learning environment 

Location: PI546      Chair: Inger Ulleberg, OsloMet    

Remaking egalitarian spaces: An ethnographic study of vocational youth between school, industry and popular culture 

Lars Gjelstad, OsloMet 

Investigating Children’s Algebraic Thinking

Inger Ulleberg, OsloMet, Co-Authors: Elisabeta Iuliana Eriksen, OsloMet, Ida Heiberg Solem, OsloMet


6B Paper-session: Young people and mental health   

Location: PI246      Chair: Wenche Bekken   

Talk to me! – Vocational students’ perceptions on how to promote mental health in school

Stine Ekornes, Volda University College

Everyday life experiences amongst adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthtitis: Negotiations of participation and normality

Line Myrdal Styczen, Oslo University Hospital


6C Paper-session: The rights of children in vulnerable positions  

Location: PI451    Chair: Liv Mette Gulbrandsen, OsloMet    

Children fleeing violence to confidential addresses: Education rights and experiences 

Sabreen Selvik, Østfold University College; Co-author: Cathrine Thjømøe 

Collaboration between Services: Children’s Rights and Participation in Decision Making in Norway

Lars B. Kristofersen, NOVA OsloMet, Sidsel Sverdrup, VID Specialized University


6D Paper-session: Children as refugees 

Location: PI460      Chair: Oddbjørg Skjær Ulvik, OsloMet    

Constructing ‘the ageless’ minors 

Aurora Sørsveen, NTNU; Co-author: Marit Ursin 

Young unaccompanied refugees, interpersonal relationships and resilience: A qualitative study 

Kristina Johansen, Department of Social Studies, University of Stavanger; Co-authors:  

Ingunn Studsrød, professor, Department of Social Studies, University of Stavanger 

Understandings of childhood and parenthood in the encounter between the child welfare system and families with ethic minority back ground in Norway: A case study

Marit Ursin, Department of Education and Lifelong Learning, NTNU


11.00-11.15       Break 


11.15-12.15       Session 7 


7B Paper-session: Children, violence and trauma: conceptions and practices 

Location: PI460      Chair: Anne Greve, OsloMet    

Memories of everyday childhoods in residential settings 

Maria Roth, Babes-Bolyai University; Co-author: Imola Antal; Ágnes Dávid-Kacsó; Éva Lászlo-Bodrogi 

Trauma-sensitive core competency in the common scope of child protection and child psychiatry? 

Ida Hydle and Lars B. Kristoffersen, NOVA, OsloMet 


Location: PH330 12.30-13.00      

Closure of the conference. Finn Aarsæther, Vice-Dean for Education, Faculty of Education and International Studies, OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University


13.00                   Farewell Lunch!